“There is an absolute honesty in every pot I make and it is to be used for everyday life and enjoyed.”

Ceramics has always been a part of Sam Gordon’s life. He was born into a family with generations of potters.

He grew up in a production pottery and over multiple decades he developed the technical knowledge and expertise in working with ceramics. However, his true love has always been working with the organic nature of clay as it feels alive.

Sam and his wife, Carrie, with their 3 children live on an off the grid property that borders on a national park. It is here where his studio stands and where Sam draws on his inspiration in making his creations.

Sam’s original work, crafted off the potters wheel, is designed to be a piece of ‘functional art’ that is to be used in either a restaurant setting or a home. It is constructed to be admired aesthetically, while withstanding the rigours of usage.

Sam’s love of clay is reflected in the work he produces. The raw clay body, representing the terra of his surroundings, is generally present in his minimalist shapes. Functionality and a strong connection to the hospitality industry also drives the design process.